About Us

Public Wholesale Water Supply District No.23

Our Commitment 

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. To do this, we've made it our mission to continually educate our staff on the latest rules and regulations.​ Our staff is certified by the State of Kansas on surface water treatment and distribution operations. We meet and exceed the required continuing education hours for each member of our staff.

​PWWSD #23 (Water #23)

Our Staff

General Manager - John Hodgden

Assistant Manager - Dustin Rose

Lead Distribution Operator - Luke Hufford

Lead Treatment Operator - Megan Sprague

Operator In Training - Monica Kukovich

​Operator In Training - Adam Speaks

Operator In Training - Eric Farmer

Public Wholesale Water Supply District No.23’s Board of Directors

Altoona – John Troutman 
Buffalo – Jerry Robinson
Fredonia – Bob McKenney 
Montgomery #9 – Carl Gorton 
Montgomery #12 – George Katzer
Neosho #4 – Jack Hughes
Neosho #6 – Ron Flowers
Neosho #7 – Neil Ford 
Neosho #9 – Carl Druart 
Neosho #12 – Jeff Ports 
Thayer – John Dean
Wilson #1 – Mike Odell 
Wilson #2 – Dan Millar 
Wilson #4 – Larry McKellar
Wilson #7 – Steve Robert 
Wilson #10 – Debbie Bradford 
Wilson #11 – Clay Braman 
Wilson #13 – Lee Bracken 
Woodson #1 – Duane Utley